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Dauw label - R Beny

Client: Dauw
Year: 2020

Belgian based tape label Dauw asked me to design the artwork for their new release for American based ambient musician R Beny.

First of all I designed a 4LP boxset including the albums full blossom of the evening, cascade symmetry, saudade and eistla. Housed in a thick gatefold sleeve and pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl. Limited to 300 copies.

Next to this release all 4 albums came out seperately with each their own individual screenprinted artwork. Housed in a thick PVC sleeve and pressed on 180 gram black vinyl. Limited to 200 copies.



Client: Lingerwalt
Year: 2017 + 2020

Artwork for Lingerwalt’s first EP called ‘Comminuted’ which came out on cassette.

Artwork for Lingerwalt’s second EP called ‘Hollow’, only digitally available.

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Brutus - Horde posters

Client: Brutus
Year: 2020

Belgian post-metal band Brutus reached to me for designing three posters for a special show in de Vooruit in Ghent to celebrate the anniversary of their second album ‘Nest’.

Since the beginning of Brutus they’ve released three song inculding ‘Horde’ in the title. So I made three posters accompanying each of these songs: Horde, Horde II and Horde V.


Amir Vahidi - III

Client: Amir Vahidi
Year: 2019

Artwork for Rotterdam based songwriter Amir Vahidi.