Skrew Studio is the alter ego of belgian visual artist Maarten De Naeyer. With a graphic background he is intrigued by the tension between shapes and textures. Rarely using color in his work - only when needed - he defines a raw and intense visual style by creating interesting compositions.

Being a graphic designer, Maarten De Naeyer launched Skrew Studio, a one-man project, out of a particular need to escape the widespread digital world in which he finds himself in on a daily basis. Skrew Studio explores the possibilities of translating digital projects into art pieces that are more tangible and tactile. In order to do so, forms and textures, which have always fascinated Maarten, form the basis of this process to leave the digital world behind.     

Skrew Studio is based in Leuven, Belgium, for over a year now. A workshop within an industrial unit proves to be the ideal setting to experiment with a self-developed printing process. By bare-handedly cutting out shapes of different sorts of material, placing them in interesting and daring compositions, and then pressing them - a kind of lino printing - onto paper or other material, Maarten created his own unique way of expressing himself. What started as a modest project that focused on relatively small paper pieces is literally and figuratively becoming something bigger. Moreover, Skrew Studio broadened its scope and also began to work with wood and linnen.


Maarten De Naeyer
+32 (0) 495 70 68 17

Leuven, Belgium



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